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Mush! Ed. 2, poster designed by Anymade Studio (2011)

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Unit Editions

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Visual Grammar exhibition poster designed by Claudia Klat of Spin.

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Hier entlang bitte
by Josh Schaub

Album Anatomy

An exploration in the art of reduction. This personal project breaks down album imagery into its purist form by discarding any unnecessary information.This is achieved using a strict grid that displays the relevant album details, which leaves a central void to convey a response to the album. This void is filled by my personal response to an album. It can be influenced by the cover art, a key track or the overall flavour of the album. The chosen albums have had an influential and personal impact on me. It is music I listen to over and over again or more excitingly rediscover.

By Duane Dalton

30th Annual UBC Art History Graduate Symposium

By Post-Projects


Posters for exhibition 12/15 organized by Publicité Sauvage in Montreal, celebrating their 25th anniversary.
This alternative typographic approach was not produced for outdoor promotion.

Awards & Recognition IdN Extra 08: Typo/graphic Posters – Data Typography, Graphics, and its Application in Creative Poster Design, 2013 

By 26 Lettres

Nitsa 94-96
El Giro Electrónico

“Nitsa 94/96: el giro electrónico”, is a documentary reflecting the beginnings of the iconic night club NITSA. A place that was crucial to the Barcelona electronic music culture.
We were asked to design a limited edition poster to promote the premiere of the documentary that could be used for both offline and online communications. The visual idea is based on the mythical turning dance floor that the club used to have. In order to create 150 unique posters, we invented a turning wooden surface that would allow us to turn the paper in a silkscreen machine, therefore printing on a different angle each time.
Each poster has a flourescent colour dot that refers to acid drugs as well as to vinyl proportions.

“Nitsa 94/96: El Giro Electrónico”, es un documental que narra los inicios del mítico club NITSA, que marcó el desarrollo de la música electrónica de Barcelona y construyó los cimientos de lo que ahora es la escena musical de la ciudad.
Se nos pidió diseñar una edición limitida del cartel con el fin de promocionar on y offline la película. La idea se inspira en la característica pista giratoria que el club solía tener.
Para ello, inventamos una superficie de madera giratoria que nos permitiera serigrafiar cada cartel en ángulo distinto, haciendo de los 150 carteles una pieza única.
Cada cartel tiene a su vez un punto de color fluorescente en el centro, haciendo referencia al consumo de ácidos y a las proporciones de un vinilo.

By Mucho


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