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Christmas is a time for enjoying the finer things with the people we love. It’s about luxury, indulgence and laughter. We wanted to create a beautiful gift that reflected those ideas and made people smile.

"OAC is a suitably festive thank you to the clients, friends and suppliers. We selected a locally produced orange and chocolate cream liqueur for its unmistakable Christmas flavour, and created a new name for the product and some special seasonal packaging for the bottles. The luxurious labels incorporate a Christmas tag that runs up the side of the bottle, for a festive message from the team. Each special edition bottle is individually numbered, with metallic copper gold paper kindly provided by GF Smith. The labels were digitally printed with white ink and hand finished in the studio." 

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Fuego Néctar

Fuego Néctar, founded by Celina Martínez, is a brand of homemade chilli sauces and pastes based in Coahuila, Mexico. The sauces come in two flavors: habanero chilli and tree chilli. Celina started out selling her savory sauces to her friends for social occasions. She came to us after they became such an appetizing success, that she decided to commercialize them in order to distribute them to a wider audience.

We designed a brand that maintained that cozy, homemade feeling Celina pours into each jar. The name (Fire Nectar in Spanish) reflects the product’s rich and fiery essence, a nectar that can bring life to every wholesome and tasty dish. We drew inspiration from old-school, early 20th century pharmaceutical labels and adverts that were so informative and used a very diverse typographical palette. The corked jars give the brand a traditionally golden “been-in-the-market-since-forever” vibe.


Fuego Néctar, una marca de salsas caseras de chile de Coahuila, fue fundado por Celina Martinez. Las salsas son de dos sabores: chile habanero y chile de árbol. Celina comenzó vendiéndolas exclusivamente a sus amigas y familiares para ocasiones especiales. Tuvieron tanto éxito que Celina se acercó a nosotros para formalizar y comercializar su marca. 

La marca mantiene el sentimiento casero y familiar que Celina vierte en cada frasco. Su nombre, Fuego Néctar, refleja la esencia intensa y picante que cada salsa aporta a todo platillo. Obtuvimos inspiración de antigua publicidad y envases medicinales de principios del siglo XX que eran sumamente informativos y lucían una paleta tipográfica muy diversa. Los frascos con corcho aportan una vibra tradicional y familiar a la marca, haciéndola ver como si tuviera toda la vida en el mercado.


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Leeds international Film Festival 

"Leeds international Film Festival is celebrating there 27th annual event. It is a renown and popular event not just for Leeds but across the UK and reaching out to other parts of the globe. 

The Brief is to create the event image and event collateral for the 27th annual film festival. A gold and black theme was decided to portray class and experience to the film festivals image. Everything was personally screen printed by hand.”

By Regji Studios

Lumburr Co.

Lumburr is a lifestyle brand of handcrafted products built around a day at the park - riding bicycles, playing kubb, and lounging on wool blankets.

Lumburr strives to create products that promote well being throughout their life-cycle; from material collection, to manufacturing, to use and finally to end-of-life.

Natural locally sourced materials were selected and handcrafted to create an experience that can’t be matched with man made materials and mass-production. The materials were primarily left unfinished so the products would age gracefully and tell a story. The raw finishes are contrasted with the occasional red accent.

The project is a collaboration between illustrator / typographer Ben Johnston and product designer Mark Simmons.

Estudio ARRC

“Sophie Carr had a dream. The young Australian who now lives in the south of France wanted to start a career as an interior designer. And she wanted to inspire the creative world, to become a part of it. And isn’t it all about making dreams come true? The first step: Studio Arrc, a charmingly arranged design blog that reflects her personality and leaves enough space for new ideas.

Studio Arrc by Sophie Carr is one of the ongoing international branding projects by moodley brand identity – with great prospects.”

by Sabine Kernbichler & Moodley Brand Identity


The Living Co identity, Big Horror Athens

cool business cards.


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Hotel Herman identity, by Studio Feed

F**king awesome card!


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