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dynamics of vesica piscis


dynamics of vesica piscis

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Michel Homm
a very brief animated stor

Music by Beach scene OST “Thief” by Tangerine dream Vehicle by Inhalt.

By Simon Landrein

Animation by Euan McConchie

"Last extremely short animation I did. Thanks to Mcbaise for the song.” 
Simon Landrein

Dans la piscine

Esta historia podría ser muy larga, llena de giros inesperados, personajes refrescantes, situaciones interesantes y un sin fin de contenido literario apasionante. Pero el personaje que desencadenaría todo esto, el gilipollas acaba de ahogarse en la piscina, nada más empezar. Así que la historia se acaba aquí. Hay que ser gilipollas.

Cette histoire pourrait être très longue, pleine de rebondissements inattendus, des personnages rafraîchissants, des situations intéressantes et d’un grand nombre, de contenu littéraire passionnant. Mais le personnage qui déclencherait tout ça, le trou du cul tout noyé dans la piscine, à peine avoir commencé. Alors l’histoire se termine ici. Il faut être con

By Histoires Minimales

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Santa Tracker

Just before Christmas 2012 Google opened Santa’s Village, an HTML5 playground for kids of all ages. The village consisted of three games, a number of interactive scenes, and a special chat where kids could get Santa to make personalised phone calls to friends and family. Last but not least, on Christmas Day kids could use the Santa Tracker to follow Santa’s flight across the world in real time on Google Maps.

Main Concept: Markus Magnusson, Haraldur Thorleifsson, Glenn Jones Creative Director: Haraldur Thorleifsson
Animation Director: Markus Magnusson
Animation: Markus Magnusson, Raoul Alpkut
Lead illustrator: Glenn Jones
Artwork: Markus Magnusson, Glenn Jones, Raoul Alpkut
Music and Sfx: Plan8


FORE-ther Christmas

by animade


"The founders of Animasjonsdepartementet commissioned Olssøn Barbieri to create a playful and crafted visual identity for their production company.

We put together a friendly and slightly savagely executed logotype, a “no-legacy identity” with care for textures and details to complement the tactile and memorable signature of their work .

An embossing stamp was created to offer a flexible application and a secondary “open” version of the logo was foiled on the bussinesscards that were silkscreened on 4 different colored papers.”

By Olsson Barbieri

Fortunes is an experimental comedy that portrays a collection of domestic rituals, highlighting the monotony of repetitive daily routines.

Its an study on perception, ultimately demonstrating how doing something long enough can drive you crazy.

Greg Barth


Ripple - “The Future of Money” from Pitchstarter on Vimeo.

For their launch, Ripple needed a video that not only felt as sleek and agile as the service they have created, but something that would delight audiences and encourage them to share it. We went with a clean, fluid approach to make the viewer actually feel how easy things could be when using Ripple. No more waiting for money transfers to go through. No more dealing with currency exchange - even to digital currencies! True simplicity.

Direction, Design, & Animation: Alexander Perry
Production, Sound Design, Consultation: Dalton G Crosthwait


GIF Animation by Skip Hursh


'a little work in progress Gif for your wednesday, going to add him some friends next!'