Hotel Minho

Graphic Design / Branding / Pictogram design / Sign system:
R2 ·

Art direction:
Lizá Ramalho & Artur Rebelo

Graphic design:
Lizá Ramalho, Artur Rebelo, Artur Faria, Pedro Ponciano.

JP Pereira/Coletivo, i (arquitetura).

Eva Sousa


Bambudda is a modern Chinese cuisine restaurant located in Vancouver’s Gastown district. Post Projects was commissioned to create the identity for the restaurant. The identity execution took the form of menu design, stationery, website, signage and custom wallpaper. We also worked with Jennilee Marigomen to produce photographs of the restaurant itself.

By Post Projects


Posters for exhibition 12/15 organized by Publicité Sauvage in Montreal, celebrating their 25th anniversary.
This alternative typographic approach was not produced for outdoor promotion.

Awards & Recognition IdN Extra 08: Typo/graphic Posters – Data Typography, Graphics, and its Application in Creative Poster Design, 2013 

By 26 Lettres

Nitsa 94-96
El Giro Electrónico

“Nitsa 94/96: el giro electrónico”, is a documentary reflecting the beginnings of the iconic night club NITSA. A place that was crucial to the Barcelona electronic music culture.
We were asked to design a limited edition poster to promote the premiere of the documentary that could be used for both offline and online communications. The visual idea is based on the mythical turning dance floor that the club used to have. In order to create 150 unique posters, we invented a turning wooden surface that would allow us to turn the paper in a silkscreen machine, therefore printing on a different angle each time.
Each poster has a flourescent colour dot that refers to acid drugs as well as to vinyl proportions.

“Nitsa 94/96: El Giro Electrónico”, es un documental que narra los inicios del mítico club NITSA, que marcó el desarrollo de la música electrónica de Barcelona y construyó los cimientos de lo que ahora es la escena musical de la ciudad.
Se nos pidió diseñar una edición limitida del cartel con el fin de promocionar on y offline la película. La idea se inspira en la característica pista giratoria que el club solía tener.
Para ello, inventamos una superficie de madera giratoria que nos permitiera serigrafiar cada cartel en ángulo distinto, haciendo de los 150 carteles una pieza única.
Cada cartel tiene a su vez un punto de color fluorescente en el centro, haciendo referencia al consumo de ácidos y a las proporciones de un vinilo.

By Mucho


We were commissioned to redesign the identity and website for Krohn, a young but experienced interior architect studio in Oslo. We developed a dynamic logo based on a room seen from the central perspective, and after trying out different views we saw that in a certain angle, the room becomes a disjointed «K»! Visit the website at and move the logo around with your cursor, excellently programmed by our good friends at Mesen.

The cards are foil blocked in gold on Keaykolor ReKreate Monsoon Grey, 600gsm.

By Comando Group & Elvind Molvaer

Realising the Intangible: Protecting the Creative Process.

The concept is inspired by the physical process of seeing an idea take shape and form, from conception and development of something abstract to the final tangible product. Intellectual property law helps to protect creations of the mind by granting exclusive rights to intangible assets. Acapo helps those creators formulate, realize, protect, and sell their ideas, advising them every step of the way. With the same desire to visually bring abstract ideas to the tangible, the concept, in addition to a unique illustration style and color palette, uses photography and copy writing to bring Acapo’s services and products to a more visible human element.

CreativeDirector: Endre Berentzen
Senior Designer/Art Director: Eric Amaral Rohter
Manager/Consultant: Robert Dalen
Designer: Filipe Ferreira
Designer: Sindre Holm
Photography: Magne Sandnes


Corporate identity and special edition packaging design.

By MikelCans Studio


Constructed from Gridnik – the logotype’s uppercase sans-serif letterforms, 45-degree corners, monoline weight, structure and geometry, as well as its compounded nature, all point towards a straightforward and confident technological efficiency and neatly reference the designers that make up Sebazzo. The characters are well spaced, balanced by a central A and executed with a single black ink print treatment that provides a distinctive contrast to the more expressive and tactile sensibilities of the stationery.

The diagonal cut of the bright and pastel boards that make up the business cards create a striking but restrained dual tone and subtle dynamic aesthetic that feels like a simple but effective distillation of a two-man studio which compliments the ideation of the name and neatly splits the logotype into its two constituent parts. These are neatly unified by the tactile and crafted qualities of their paper marquetry construction.

The letterhead and compliment slip are absent the detail of the marquetry process, their full bleed colour palette and angle ties in well with the cards and continues to split the logotype.

By Bunch
Printed by Cerovski.
Text by Richard Baird.

Mathias Tanguy

Mathias Tanguy is a personal finance adviser based in Paris. Mathias needed a strong but subtle visual brand identity putting the emphasis on both networking and communication concept as well as on professional ethic and principles.

Denis Mallet designed the visual identity around a geometrical pattern that is creating network connectivity. Placing the letters in the centre of each of the graphic polygonal shapes allowed the name to be the core of the geometrical network pattern. Extracting the letter M and T with their surrounding polygonal structures created a logotype working as an ingenuous monogram. The simplicity of this geometrical shape allows the use of many different high finish print processes, as metal and black foil blocking on the compliment slips and business cards, blind embossing on the envelops and photo chemical etching on the metal side of the business card. The monogram can also be easily stamped using an embosser or rubber stamp machine to personalise letters and cards, and for authenticating important documents.

By Denis Mallet

A simple and effective logotype for an upcoming vegan website. The logotype is a subtle play on the words BitterMallow. The cut between the ‘r’ and the uppercase ‘M’ represents the biting bitterness. The joining of the ‘o’ and the ‘w’ resembles the stickiness of a marshmallow.

By Duane Dalton

–Editorial Branding

Gist is a lifestyle magazine that reports on many different subjects, from fashion to gadgets, health and tourism. Its naming is a reflection of its multifaceted nature. Its readers can “get the gist” on all the different topics of each issue. Our design proposal was a decision to shake things up a little, editorial design-wise. Its quirky, audacious, fresh and current feel is actually based on a simple formula that involves the exaltation of images through the use of thick frames and colored backgrounds.

In GIST, the images always appear front and center, so the magazine presents a great opportunity for up-and-coming photographers to show off their work. Since GIST’s topics are ever-changing and versatile, we decided that it was important to keep the cover constant. It will always feature the portrait of a model superimposed by a frame of gorgeous, shiny foil.


Gist es una revista estilo lifestyle que toca temas tan diversos como moda, tecnología, salud y turismo, entre otros. Su nombre es una reflexión de su naturaleza multifacética ya que sus lectores pueden captar lo esencial de cada tema en cada edición. En inglés, la palabra “gist” significa el punto esencial o el quid de la cuestión. Nuestra propuesta tomó un rumbo diferente y algo radical en cuestiones de diseño editorial. Su apariencia es audaz, fresca, actual y poco convencional está basada en una fórmula muy sencilla que busca exaltar las imágenes usando fondos de color y sobreponiendo gruesos marcos.

En Gist, las imágenes siempre van a tomar primer plano, es por esto que ofrece una excelente oportunidad a fotógrafos emergentes para lucir su trabajo. Ya que los temas en Gist son bastante diferentes y cambiantes, decidimos que había que mantener la portada siempre constante. La portada siempre lucirá un retrato sobrepuesto por un marco de foil.

By Anagrama

The Artling

The Artling is an online gallery showcasing limited edition prints from a curated group of artists, photographers, image-makers and designers. The identity takes its inspiration from a warehouse housing art pieces; the gold borders reminiscent of gilded frames. The use of the curator/ founder’s handwriting in blue ink in the stationery gives the identity an added personal touch, each art piece carefully and meticulously selected.

By Foreign Policy


nyMusikk, is the leading promoter of contemporary music in Norway.
The wavy line logo suggests a short segment of a soundwave but also hints at the combination of the letters ‘n’ and ‘m’ from the name nyMusikk. This logo appears in black foil on business cards, is blind embossed on membership cards and is part of an ever expanding collection of print and digital material we have designed for the group since the new identity was introduced.

By Non-Format

Full Idiomas

Full Idiomas by Tatabi Studio reflects the youth life style, breaking with the classic image of the language schools and agencies. A modern, fresh, urban, grunge style define the personally of Full Idiomas, with colorful text, people having fun in the photographies, and handwriting text.

Skovin Gulv

Skovin is a supplier of high-end wood flooring for the private market. Heydays established a name inspired by the location of the showroom, and created a visual platform where we used the floor surface to define room.

Skovin is the old name of Skøyen, the area in Oslo which the company was established at. The idea of simple shapes inspired by different floorplans, creates a rich expression in combination with a classic and timeless typography.

By Heydays