Serracchiani e Gennari
By Ivan Moreale

Communications and PR agency. 

Aiming to realign their market position and offering, They redefined Village’s visual language (subsequently shortening the brand from Village Press), stepping away from the black and white goto fashion aesthetic and introducing a lighter, more design-related look and feel. Visit

By Colville Walter

Commissioned cover for Slow Travel by UK-based author Dan Kieran. 
By Matt Chase


Christmas is a time for enjoying the finer things with the people we love. It’s about luxury, indulgence and laughter. We wanted to create a beautiful gift that reflected those ideas and made people smile.

"OAC is a suitably festive thank you to the clients, friends and suppliers. We selected a locally produced orange and chocolate cream liqueur for its unmistakable Christmas flavour, and created a new name for the product and some special seasonal packaging for the bottles. The luxurious labels incorporate a Christmas tag that runs up the side of the bottle, for a festive message from the team. Each special edition bottle is individually numbered, with metallic copper gold paper kindly provided by GF Smith. The labels were digitally printed with white ink and hand finished in the studio." 

Believe In


Aker Brygge is a waterside district at the heart of oslo currently under redevelopment. the project included designing the identity, a bespoke typeface, retail promotional materials, signage and wayfinding.

Awarded for design excellence by the norwegian council in 2013.

By Joakim Jansson at Bleed
Creative director Dag Laska
Designer Miriam Skovholt Mortensen
Project Manager Annika Mørch Asté

Fuego Néctar

Fuego Néctar, founded by Celina Martínez, is a brand of homemade chilli sauces and pastes based in Coahuila, Mexico. The sauces come in two flavors: habanero chilli and tree chilli. Celina started out selling her savory sauces to her friends for social occasions. She came to us after they became such an appetizing success, that she decided to commercialize them in order to distribute them to a wider audience.

We designed a brand that maintained that cozy, homemade feeling Celina pours into each jar. The name (Fire Nectar in Spanish) reflects the product’s rich and fiery essence, a nectar that can bring life to every wholesome and tasty dish. We drew inspiration from old-school, early 20th century pharmaceutical labels and adverts that were so informative and used a very diverse typographical palette. The corked jars give the brand a traditionally golden “been-in-the-market-since-forever” vibe.


Fuego Néctar, una marca de salsas caseras de chile de Coahuila, fue fundado por Celina Martinez. Las salsas son de dos sabores: chile habanero y chile de árbol. Celina comenzó vendiéndolas exclusivamente a sus amigas y familiares para ocasiones especiales. Tuvieron tanto éxito que Celina se acercó a nosotros para formalizar y comercializar su marca. 

La marca mantiene el sentimiento casero y familiar que Celina vierte en cada frasco. Su nombre, Fuego Néctar, refleja la esencia intensa y picante que cada salsa aporta a todo platillo. Obtuvimos inspiración de antigua publicidad y envases medicinales de principios del siglo XX que eran sumamente informativos y lucían una paleta tipográfica muy diversa. Los frascos con corcho aportan una vibra tradicional y familiar a la marca, haciéndola ver como si tuviera toda la vida en el mercado.


By / Por Anagrama

The Key Moment
Micro Short Film, 2013

The Key Moment is a micro shortfilm based on a true story and inspired by all those weird, miscommunication - lost in translation - wtf moments that emerge while pitching for a foreign client on a long distance conference call.

All audio recordings used form part of a real telephone call conversation. The shortfilm was shot in one day with a splendid debutant actor and superb crew and premierely screened at SFNY - The Art of The Pitch, a design conference organized byStashmedia.

Ciclope International Festival of Craft Berlin 2013 Finalist
keymoment KEY MOMENT

Direction, Idea, Sound Design & Edit: No-Domain
Art Direction & Color Grading by Ana Gale 
Direction of Photography: Geraldo Jr. Souza 
Original Music: Nil Ciuró 
Actor: Juan (Flextatowa) Pajáres 
Outdoor Shots : Javier Tles
Art Direction Assistant: Dominique Aizpurua 
Audio Mixing & Mastering: Device 
DOP Assistant: Francesc Chico
Special thanks to AgostoMedioDesign and Ralp.

(Fuente: patakk)


KAE are a strategic marketing agency focussing on delivering insight, innovation and strategy to a small number of high-value clients. They specialise in unlocking opportunities that others have not yet seen, or thought possible.

We helped KAE reposition itself as a premium strategic partner in its market, working as a trusted advisor to their clients. This involved formulating a new brand strategy that drew out its distinctive identity. To deliver this we constructed a concept that focused on the idea of ‘exploration’ and ‘heroes’, likening the business landscape to hostile territory that required an expert to navigate. This metaphor enabled us to pitch KAE as the pioneers, who help their clients successfully make tricky business decisions and circumvent potential problems. Through their identity, we were able to increase KAE’s stock as an indispensable partner to its clients.

To reflect the high-end but hard-working nature of the brand, a robust copper foil was implemented across all marketing material. Paired with a neutral colour palette, this communicated quality without detracting from KAE’s renowned work ethic. Print work by Avenue Litho and Dan Mather.

identity & branding by Socio Design


Heros® Artista conceptual de la Erótica. Lleva más de 2 años estudiando, trabajando y aplicando el concepto de Erotismo en las diferentes ramas que ofrece el Arte, como la fotografía, música, diseño, ilustración, etc. En esta primera etapa de artista, el erotismo apararece constantemente en cada melodía, letra y composición completa de los temas que encierra su primer EP.

El uso del rojo, negro y blanco en la totalidad del sistema, en conjunto con una elegante tipografía Serif crean una poderosa y balanceada identidad: moderna y sofisticada. El propósito fue comunicar la sensualidad, energía y pasión del personaje en el logotipo y en cada una de las piezas a desarrollarse.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Rodrigo Maldonado


Kickstart is a cross-platform media production company founded in 1999 with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver and Hong Kong. It is a proven creative production studio that matches pre-eminent artists with cost-effective production.

Producing major feature films, animations, TV series and more, Kickstart first and foremost required a website that would allow them to showcase their work and have a professional presence within their industry.

I was tasked with creating their brand identity, print collateral and a fully response website. The brand marque is made up of 3 overlapping triangles to make up the letter ‘K’, the central triangle represents a play button. To bolster the identity, a bold ‘screen blue’ was used throughout all brand communications.

Website designed in collaboration with Socio Design. Development by Pixel Machine. Photography by György Kőrössy

Identity & branding by Mash Creative

ISTD 2013 

Book Still The book investigates the concept of information overconsumption. In the 21st century, we are bombarded with vast amounts of information each day as a consequence of the ever-growing digital age. Prior to the introduction of the web, material was harder to source; therefore individuals were more selective over what information they choose to read. This contrast in how we read information today as apposed to pre-digital times inspired me into investigating the processes of navigation and filtering through information on-screen. This book is therefore an outcome of my research and development shown in a publication that represents the day-to-day journey of information consumption that an average person may encounter while browsing online. It expresses how a quick look on Facebook or a browse on YouTube can turn into hours of procrastination or overconsumption of immaterial knowledge.

By Leon Makari

Restaurant branding

Galo Kitchen is an restaurant specializing in French-American inspired comfort cuisine. Its prime focus is breakfast, but it also offers lunch and dinner menus and a cozy atmosphere all day long. Additionally, Galo Kitchen has its own in-house bakery that provides delicious, freshly made, hand-crafted bread and pastries.

The naming is meant to articulate the French touch present in Galo’s lovingly made food. The black and white skewed pattern dresses up the brand as friendly, snug and casual, a feeling supported by the logotype’s organic cursive script.

The zeppelin icon pays homage to Galo’s bakery. Inspired on the airship’s general shape, a Zeppelin is a sandwich made with a roll of French bread split widthwise into two pieces and filled with a variety of meats, cheese, vegetables, seasonings and sauces.

Galo Kitchen es un restaurante especializado en comida reconfortante con inspiración americana-francesa. Su hora más popular es la del desayuno, sin embargo, también cuenta con menús para comer y cenar en un ambiente casual y acogedor. Adicionalmente, Galo cuenta con su propia panadería, la cual produce pan fresco y calentito todos los días.

El nombre expresa el toque francés presente en toda su comida. El patrón blanco y negro viste a la marca con una personalidad amable, casual y acogedora, las cuales son características apoyadas también por la escritura orgánica y cursiva del logotipo.

El ícono del zepelín es un homenaje metafórico a su panadería. Inspirado en la forma del globo aerostático ovalado, un zepelín es un sandwich hecho con pan francés y relleno de una amplia variedad de carnes frías, queso, vegetales y salsas.

By Anagrama

I Love Shoes

People love shoes, many shoes. They like buy new models, collect them, care about it. If there is a lot of shoes you need a place where you can keep all of them. The best decision is shoe shelf, which includes many sections for any items. This symbol was used for logo of I LOVE SHOES store. 

Like the shelves can be different and the logo has some variations. It has a mathematical proportions and that’s why it’s easy transformable. 

White, yellow and brown color palette creates feeling of comfort and easiness with a little touch of luxury. For corporate cards there were made holders in the shape of shoes. They would be used in store cash zone. 

White personal business cards (600 g/m2) were embossed over the silk printed text to create imitation of the shoe shelves. 

Website design continues identity style. It keeps impression of purity because of new layout and color scheme.

Art-Director — Pavel Emelyanov · Designer — Valeriy Golubzov · Webdesign — Pavel Emelyanov · Photo Set — Pavel Emelyanov · Manager — Denis Gluschenko · Visualization — Maria Sinutina · Photographer — Anatoly Vasiliev · Logo Animation — Dmitriy Golubevskiy · Print Materials — F61 work room