Arsène Schrauwen is boarding a boat and sailing across the wide ocean to land in the Belgian Congo, where he is to meet his cousin and help him create a utopia in the jungle wilderness there. In these first few pages of Olivier Schrauwen's surreal biography of his grandfather, Arsène helps rid a fellow passenger of a flying fish that has somehow landed in her quarters, meets a chatty older man with ceaseless advice about life in the colony, and, finally, prepares to disembark by donning new clothes and waiting, hand poised on the door handle of his room, for the entire two hours it takes the boat to reach its port.

You can download the entire 14-page 10 MB excerpt right here, and you can find more info and pre-order the book here for delivery by late November.


Visual Grammar exhibition poster designed by Claudia Klat of Spin.

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Haqqi Tours

Haqqi Tours is a Turkish incoming tour operator that provides sightseeing tours and other type of vacation oriented “experiences”. Since their start they have provided hundreds of thousands of travelers, corporate clients and tour operators around the world with high quality excursions and accommodation in Istanbul and Turkey.

Haqqi Tours es una agencia de viajes de Turquía que ofrece visitas guiadas y otro tipo de experiencias orientadas al turismo. Desde sus inicios han proporcionado servicio a cientos de miles de viajeros, clientes corporativos y operadores turísticos de todo el mundo con excursiones de alta calidad y alojamiento en Estambul y Turquía.

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Seilenna by RoAndCo


simplicity audio center

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beesandbombs: cube dots

beesandbombs: cube dots