Animation by Euan McConchie


Tull is a reinterpretation of classical workshop lamps, wherein the light source is protected by a wire netting attached to the metal diffuser.

The material are the same, but the object is rethought in terms of forms, language and proportions, to be moved from industrial to domestic spaces.

By Tommaso Caldera

Wynd Writing Desk

Wynd is a new way to think about desk storage - it’s designed to be as thin as possible while maintaining useful storage. Thinness poses a unique problem for old fashioned storage (aka drawers): to access anything larger than a pencil you are forced to move your chair back to pull the drawer all the way open and retrieve the item. Instead, with no visible hardware (even underneath!), Wynd splits in two to reveal its contents.


Silver & Green

"With a product offering that consists of olives, olive oil, antipasti, tapas and meze, Lake District based Silver & Green are the specialists in authentic Mediterranean delicacies.

We were approached to redevelop the brand and packaging to make the products more appealing to the target customers of delis, farm shops and food halls.

The marketplace is well served with rustic and heritage feel brands, so we set out to differentiate Silver & Green by creating a playful and modern brand, which, without being obviously rustic, has a hand crafted feel that reflects the range of ingredients and their origins.

A customised font forms the main logo, with textures applied to further enhance personality. This is combined with a choice of uncoated paper stock and supporting hand-written font. A bold colour palette is used to bring the designs to life and emphasize the flavour of the countries and cultures that inspire the recipes.  

Silver & Green’s director, Rachel Hannaford, kindly had this to say, “Working with Salad was a smooth, fun ride. We love the way they take the time to really dig into what’s behind you and your company before any design, or even research, begins. The team helped us work through all our muddled thoughts and ideas and piece them together in a way that has allowed us start turning a business in to a brand.”

The response and results have been outstanding. Just a month after the launch of Silver & Green’s new branded products, more accounts have been opened than in the entire two years previously.”

View the range on the website here.

A project of Salad Studio

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The last work of the studio Dot Dash

Tuerca y Tornillo Vs. Nacatamal

"Tuerca y Tornillo (Ed. Apa-Apa Comics) is the second published book of Camille Vanier.

The book it’s a reversible comic about sex, on one side there is the story “Tuerca y Tornillo” on the other side “Nacatamal” By Arnau Sanz.

You can buy it online on the web of Apa-Apa here Also in bookshops in Spain.”

Ladies & Gentlemen:


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Szóstka (Eng. Six) magazine is a supplement to F5 Trendbook magazine and was created for LOTTO - Polish National Lottery.

"We wanted to present LOTTO to the reader in a new, fresh and exciting way. Our goal was to show it as an element of a background, focusing rather on events which LOTTO is involved with - says Konrad Jerin, Editor in Chief of F5."

Created at Super Super with Hanna Kokczyńska, Jacek Majewski and David Błażewicz.

Bartosz Szymkiewicz

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Lucky 21

A film production company in Dallas was ready to take on the highly competitive LA market. They wanted to herald the move with a new identity. A strategic mining session revealed a wonderfully spirited brand character – fiercely passionate and full of humour. The identity balances this off-kilter intensity with a contemporary boldness while allowing the brand’s playful voice to shine.

Great work by Blok Design

"Last extremely short animation I did. Thanks to Mcbaise for the song.” 
Simon Landrein

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dailydesigner: Dolina by Moruba (BRAVO)

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